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Latest model: Mercedes-Benz CL600 2007
Mercedes-Benz CL600 2007The release of the new Cl-class in autumn 2006 will be the culmination of a Mercedes-Benz coupé tradition going rear over 50 years. The two-door model features peerless exclusivity and charismatic layout with the sort of cutting-edge technology that no other maker can match worldwide. The luxury Coupé raises the bar in terms of car security with the PRE-SAFE brakes: the original system automatically brakes the Coupé before an imminent rear-end collision. Furthermore, Mercedes innovations such as the Active Body Control (ABC) suspension system, the Intelligent Light System with five light-ing functions and PRE-SAFE anticipatory occupant protection all come as traditional. Two comprehensive engines with 8 or 12 cylinders are available, delivering a notable increase in output and torque. due to their exemplary smoothness they also live up to the Mercedes heritage of superb motoring refinement.

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The big Mercedes Coupés have been synonymous with style and exclusivity in the auto market for decades. They set the traditional in terms of layout and equipment, combine exemplary security with an impressive level of convenience and assured handling. In short, Mercedes Coupés are extraordinary dream vehicles - automobile classics.

The new Cl-class is another Mercedes-Benz masterpiece. Just as the luxury coupé points the way to the future with its high-tech technology, the layout has also set the mould for a new Mercedes style. Its hallmark is the interaction between distinctive tightly drawn lines with big, unruffled surfaces. This layout idiom lends the Coupé its own particular expressive performance, emphasising the calm and performance of its comprehensive, self-confident nature.

Familiar Mercedes features have been given a contemporary twist, resulting in a harmonious blend of the classic and contemporary. Examples include the hallmark Mercedes radiator grille with its wide chrome louvres and the layout of the C-pillar. The original, slightly downwards-tapering pillar customization is a typical option of the big Mercedes Coupés whose roots go right rear to the 1950s: in 1956 the 220 S/SE Coupé (W 180/W 128 model series) first captured attention with this striking C-pillar layout, and a few years later the concept was further refined in the suc-cessor model, the 220 SE Coupé (W 111/112).