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Latest model: Mercedes-Benz CLC 2009
Mercedes-Benz CLC 2009Mercedes-Benz has represented a stand-alone model series in the guise of the new Mercedes Mercedes-Benz CLC, the compelling entry-level model in the Mercedes-Benz coupé family. The Sports Coupé's layout, technology and equipment meet the discerning requirements of young drivers looking for an athletic vehicle that gives an involving drive, while at the same time delivering the hallmark Mercedes class standards in terms of security, convenience, environmental compatibility and functionality. Compared with the previous Sports Coupé, the Mercedes developers have newly designed or improved over 1100 elements. Engineering highlights of the Mercedes-Benz CLC include a new direct-steer system for even more agile cornering, state-of-the-art infotainment systems featuring a colour screen, Europe-wide DVD or hard-disc navigation and media interface, as well as an uprated four-cylinder motor that now develops 135 Kw/184 hp. Fuel consumption has been reduced by up to 10. 8 percent compared with the outgoing model.

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The compact body dimensions and the muscular lines emphasise the sporty look of the new Mercedes Mercedes-Benz CLC. The Mercedes developers have completely refactored the front and back so that the Sports Coupé embodies the contemporary Mercedes layout idiom with its distinctive coupé radiator grille featuring a big Mercedes star in the centre, and the new projection-beam headlamps. The S-class, the luxury Cl-class Coupé and the C-class offered the stylistic models. The refactored big tailgate conceals a variable boot with up to 1100 litres of luggage capacity. The new tail lights, the long row of Leds which make up the third brake light unit and the back bumper subdivide the back and emphasise its width.

The dashboard of the new Mercedes-Benz CLC is akin to a contemporary tailor-made suit - custom-fit and convenient. Sports seatings with better lateral support than ever, a three-spoke multifunction helm, automatic conditioning and brushed aluminium trim components form part of the traditional specification.

A choice of bench covers in black, alpaca grey and a particularly stylish mix of black and red are available to give the dashboard its individual colour scheme.