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Latest model: Mercedes-Benz ML500 2006
Mercedes-Benz ML500 2006Wider, longer, lower - in brief, this is the formula for the impressive look of the new Mercedes-Benz M-class. Although the wheelbase and track of this successful SUV (sports Utility Vehicle) by Mercedes-Benz have been enlarged, the new M-class makes a very compact and concentrated impression. As a careful evolutionary workflow, the developers have given it even more dynamic but stylish lines. The result is a decidedly sporty and athletic character with a clear, comprehensive message.

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Mercedes-Benz ML500 details:

The muscular impression is particularly created by the stylish interplay between the soft contours and angular components which structure the car body. Numerous surfaces are delineated by sharply-drawn, muscular lines. At the same time these contours are extremely modern, give an impression of performance, precision and solidity and create an interplay between light and shade which appeals from any angle. Moreover, many of the detailed features expressly indicate the off-road qualities of the new M-class.

The front end of the new M-class sends out comprehensive signals. A striking radiator grille immediately shows that this is a car with a personality of its own which will accompany its owner in any of life's situations. This impression is conveyed by the reliable look of the grille, which is characterised by three wide louvers with pronounced integral air apertures and the central Mercedes star. The strong horizontal lines of the radiator also emphasise the width of the car.

The grille is emphasised even more by a continuous, surrounding chamfer, which also delineates the bonnet and creates a self-contained layout option. Two ventilation grilles on the bonnet, which option the three fins typical of a Mercedes, underline the sporty qualities of the new M-class.