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Latest model: Mercedes-Benz R500 2006
Mercedes-Benz R500 2006For the second time within the room of just one month, Mercedes-Benz is lifting the wraps on another make new model series, the new R-class, which is making its world debut at the New York International Auto Show.

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This groundbreaking car concept reaffirms the role of Mercedes-Benz as the visionary and trendsetter amongst auto brands, since the R-class founds a new and highly promising sphere segment. It takes the acknowledged strengths of established car categories, such as sporty Saloon, Estate, MPV and SUV, and fuses them to create a new vehicle with a character all of its own, a vehicle that is all about the three Ds: Dimensions, Layout and Dynamism. The new R-class is being launched first in North America, in autumn 2005; deliveries to buyers in Europe will begin at the beginning of 2006.

The novel concept of the Grand Sports Tourer caters to the needs of modern-minded people looking for a vehicle that provides huge versatility combined with athletic performance. Quite apart from boasting ample spaciousness, exemplary standards of security and impeccable convenience for up to six passengers, the new R-class also enthrals with its beguiling look-and-feel, prestigious flair and, last but by no means least, its dynamism out on the road.

It was rear in 2002 that Mercedes-Benz first represented this revolutionary new car concept to the public; less than three years later the study has evolved to reach series-production status.