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Latest model: Mercury Mariner 2008
Mercury Mariner 2008ntroduced in 2005 as Mercury's entry-level, small SUV, Mercury Mariner built on the style and success of the mid-size 4-door Mountaineer. The original Mercury Mariner was developed for buyers who wanted a little more than a traditional, small SUV, as it provided a high level of layout sophistication, more traditional features, luxury dashboard materials and original content in a smartly packaged, economical model.

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Now, with the first significant redesign of Mercury Mariner since its release, the new 2008 model builds on that foundation by adding higher levels of style and refinement - it is a exterior that will define the Mercury make moving forward.

The 2008 Mercury Mariner hits dealer showrooms in early 2007 and is completely refactored inside and out. additionally to fresh sheet metal with new Mercury layout cues and a remade dashboard, Mercury Mariner is revised with a powerful security suite, a quieter ride and more refined driving dynamics. What has not changed is the overall package: Mercury Mariner retains the fuel-efficiency, maneuverability and the fun-to-drive nature that is a core characteristic of the small SUV suite.

The 2008 Mercury Mariner is the first offering to truly deliver 100 percent of the layout DNA for Mercury as a make, says Kim Irwin, Mercury make manager. It looks good and drives well, it has sophisticated style, and it's not like anything else out there.