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Latest model: Mini Countryman 2011
Mini Countryman 2011The Mini Countryman crossover introduces a whole new mix of the absorbing handling characteristics of a Mini with the versatile dashboard of a 4-door vehicle and the optimised traction of a Sports Activity Car (in the shape of the auxillary all-wheel-drive system). At the same time, it offers a fresh and distinctive interpretation of established Mini features as far as layout, luxury class, efficiency and customisation are concerned. The brand's fourth model - joining the classic two-door, Mini Clubman and Mini Convertible in the range - meets the challenges of urban mobility with cool flexibility, captures the imagination beyond conventional Mini territory with its broader range of features, and paves the way for an expanding band of prospective buyers with varying mobility-based requirements to experience the trademark driving fun of a Mini.

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With the long-distance convenience of four individual seatings or room for up to five people on board, plus a raised seats position, versatile dashboard, new generation of comprehensive and efficient engines and auxillary Mini ALL4 all-wheel-drive system, the Mini Countryman adds another sprinkling of appealing features to the emotional driving experience of a Mini. Its body and dashboard concept invite you to share the Mini feeling with friends and in a variety of various situations. This propels the Mini Countryman onto the radar of broader target groups, whose family or leisure pursuits have created an increased need for room and flexibility and who are therefore keen to blend the distinctive style of the make with high-tech functionality and a higher level of dashboard versatility.

The unmistakable Mini layout language showcases the high-tech car concept of the Mini Countryman in fitting style. The first Mini to measure more than four metres (157) in length also follows the principle established for the classic Mini of creating maximum dashboard room and functionality on a compact footprint. additionally to the classic Mini proportions, characteristic layout features at the front, side and back of the vehicle help to ensure that the Mini Countryman is immediately recognisable as a member of the make family.

The choice of name for the fourth model in the brand's range also reflects the historic roots and British origins of the Mini. Like the Mini Clubman, the Mini Countryman also builds on the heritage of a forefather based on the brilliant small vehicle concept devised by Alec Issigonis. Indeed, a particularly versatile variant of the classic Mini bearing the Mini Countryman name came onto the sphere as early as 1960. The Austin Seven Mini Countryman and its technically identical Morris Mini Traveller sister model offered an extra dose of variability, their larger dashboard product customizable usage potential. Available for buy up to 1969, this variant of the Mini - not least the woody version with its wooden frame trim on the body flanks and back doors - achieved a cult status unrivalled to this day.