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Latest model: Mitsubishi ASX 2011
Mitsubishi ASX 2011Mitsubishi Motors extends the concept one notch below (c-segment) with the introduction of a smaller and sportier sibling: the all-new Mitsubishi ASX compact crossover. Another global vehicle for the regions from Mitsubishi Motors and therefore called and specified accordingly, Mitsubishi ASX was first launched in Japan in February 2010 (as RVR). After its European premiere at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, it will be retailed in Europe end of spring 2010.

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Sharing the same evocative Kawasemi Blue introduction color, the new Mitsubishi ASX introduces a marketable interpretation of the Concept-cx show vehicle, represented at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, whose success convinced Mmc's management to turn it into a full-fledged production vehicle.

Longer by nearly 20 cm (4. 295 m vs the concept's 4. 11 m), slightly higher (+ 6. 5cm) and wider (+ 2cm), and featuring a more upright tailgate all for the sake of optimum packaging, Mitsubishi ASX shares nonetheless Concept-cx's general layout theme as well as its passenger car-like sure-footed stance.

Suggested by the gaping Jet Fighter grille - a nod to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. 's F-2 jet fighter and now a trademark option for nearly all Mitsubishi Motors on-road cars in Europe (colt, Lancer and Outlander) - this car-like attitude was a key direction for Mitsubishi designers: unencumbered by any marketing pressure to simulate an SUV exterior via heavy detailing (no need to with Pajero/montero/shogun and L200 already in the range. ), they further designed Concept-cx's own vocabulary towards a less polarizing yet sharp, expressive and finely executed sports hatch with proper presence & substance.