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Latest model: Mitsubishi RVR 2011
Mitsubishi RVR 2011Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announced that its all-new compact crossover Mitsubishi RVR went on sale throughout Japan from February 17, 2010. The Mitsubishi RVR is an perfect compact crossover which achieves superior utility and running performance, impressive environmental efficiency (all models qualify for the Japanese domestic eco-car tax reduction), and a refined dashboard and look in a compact size at an accessible price tag (¥1785000, ~ ¥2449650, consumption tax included).

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Mitsubishi RVR details:

The new Mitsubishi RVR offers impressive fuel economy from its lightweight, compact body. With the panoramic field of view of an SUV, the Mitsubishi RVR is simple to drive and offers turn-on-a-dime maneuverability. The car is the perfect compact crossover, with ample luggage room for each application from daily driving to leisure outings.

The performance train features a 1. 8-liter, 16-valve DOHC MIVEC motor with an INVECS-III sport mode 6-speed CVT. The car features a regenerative braking system (high-efficiency electric performance generation control), electric performance steering, enhanced aerodynamics and other low-fuel consumption technologies down to fine detail, resulting in a 75% reduction from the Japanese FY 2005 emissions gas standards and exceeding the FY 2010 fuel economy requirements by 15%. All models qualify for the Japanese eco-car tax reduction (50% tax reduction to promote the popularization of environmentally-friendly cars).

The Mitsubishi RVR also incorporates super-wide HID headlights which offer a wide, ultra-bright beam for secure night driving, a panoramic glass roof (with LED illumination) for a sense of spaciousness during the day and a romantic ambiance at night, and push-button ignition. The car has a refined and sporty dashboard with a black color scheme, silver highlights, and smooth, soft padding.