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Latest model: Mitsubishi Shogun 2010
Mitsubishi Shogun 2010The updated 2010 Mitsubishi Shogun continues to provide consumers a original blend of on and off-road capability, generous traditional equipment levels, convenience, room and luxury and highly competitive pricing. From 2010 consumers can add greater performance and torque and better economy and emissions to that list, with Mitsubishi's developers applying Intelligent Motion principles to enable the Mitsubishi Shogun to return mpg and CO2 emissions figures among the very best in the big off-roader class.

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Detailed changes to Mitsubishi's advanced 3. 2-litre, four-cylinder Did common rail turbodiesel enable the 3-door manual to return 35. 3mpg and the 5-door auto 33. 2mpg - up from 30. 7mpg and 26. 7mpg respectively - on the official combined consumption cycle. Emissions drop too, from 246g/km to 212g/km on manuals and 280g/km to 224g/km for autos. These cool emissions and economy gains are made in spite of increased performance and torque; both rising by 18% - from 168bhp to 197bhp and 373nm to 441nm (325lb/ft) Towing capacity for both three- and 5-door models has increased by 200kg, to 3000kg, and 3500kg, for braked trailers.

The performance increase and economy savings are due to motor revisions that include lower idling motor revs, a high efficiency alternator with improved generating and discharging controlling logic, new motor and differential oils, an improved differential ratio and a 15mm front and 10mm back drop in ride height.

The changes enable the Mitsubishi Shogun to continue to provide the same blend of rugged on and off-road capability combined with significantly enhanced environmental credentials, Mitsubishi's drive towards a greener future not just limited to its regular passenger vehicles but also its iconic off-road main model.