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Latest model: Nissan Almera 2013
Nissan Almera 2013Launched early in 2000, the second generation Nissan Almera looked better than its predecessor with classic, smooth, curved lines. Some still thought it was bland in comparison with its competitors although the Nissan Almera was selling strong worldwide.

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The N16 Nissan Almera was based on Nissan's global Ms-platform which is Nissan's first new platform to be designed after the partnership with Renault. The MS Platform is also the base for the new Primera and Nissan Almera Tino.

The N16 Nissan Almera provided great enhancments over the previous generation Nissan Almera in terms of handling, tyre-grip and drive dynamics. The N16 Nissan Almera felt much more sure-footed on the road and was exceptionally nimble for a plain family vehicle. Even today the Nissan Almera is considered to be one of the best handling small family vehicles on the sphere while still maintaining its predecessor hallmarks for rock solid create class and cast iron reliability.

While the previous generation Nissan Almera was considered roomy of its class, the N16 Nissan Almera was lacking in back passenger legroom thanks to a shorter then category average 2. 53 meter wheelbase.