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Latest model: Nissan GT-R 2012
Nissan GT-R 2012Nissan Motor Co. , Ltd. announced the release of the 2012 Nissan GT-R. The new model goes on sale November 24, 2011 in Japan and arrives in European showrooms in January 2012.

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Significant enhancments to the motor, chassis and transmission, plus a new lightweight For TRACK PACK version (currently available in some sphere such as Japan, UK), which accentuates the pure performance potential of the Nissan GT-R are the key changes to Nissan's main model for the 2012 model year.

When it was launched, the iconic Nissan GT-R created a new type of super vehicle. Performance and handling were exceptional, of course, but more importantly the car's potential was accessible to all drivers under all conditions. It was greeted with universal applause but Nissan's policy of constant development means the Nissan GT-R continues to evolve.

The latest version, which is due on sale in Europe in January 2012, is the most efficient yet. It provides even greater performance but this is allied to enhanced economy and lower emissions to offer further excitement to drivers and passengers.