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Latest model: Nissan LEAF 2011
Nissan LEAF 2011Slated for release in late 2010 in Japan, the US, and Europe, Nissan LEAF ushers in a new era of mobility - the zero-emission era. The vehicle is the embodiment of Nissan's radical, transformative vision for the future and the culmination of decades of investment and research.

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Nissan LEAF is a huge accomplishment - one in which all Nissan employees can take great pride, explained Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn. We have been working tirelessly to make this day a reality - the unveiling of a real-world vehicle that has zero - not simply reduced - emissions. It's the first step in what is sure to be an impressive journey - for people all over the world, for Nissan and for the market.

Key characteristics of the Nissan LEAF Include:zero-emission performance train and Platformaffordable Pricingdistinctive Designreal-world range autonomy - 160km (100 Miles)connected Mobility: Advanced intelligent transportation (IT) system.

The LEAF name is a significant statement about the vehicle itself. Just as leaves purify the air in nature, so Nissan LEAF purifies mobility by taking emissions out of the driving experience. Pricing details will be announced closer to start of sales in late 2010; however, the company hopes the vehicle to be competitively priced in the range of a well-equipped C-segment car. Additionally, Nissan LEAF is expected to qualify for an array of significant local, regional and national tax breaks and incentives in markets around the world. As an added benefit, because the car has less mechanical complexity than a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle, Nissan LEAF is developed to be friendly to the wallet as well as to the environment.