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Latest model: Nissan Micra 2011
Nissan Micra 2011The all-new Nissan Micra - the fourth generation to wear the name - introduces an completely new chapter in the history of Nissan's multi-award winning compact city vehicle.

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The European city vehicle segment is one of the most hotly contested segments in any sphere in the world. For this reason, Nissan Micra was conceived, from its layout, engineering, powertrain and equipment levels, to make European city driving as stress-free as possible, but also to remain accessible.

A pair of make new three-cylinder petrol engines displacing 1. 2-litres performance new Nissan Micra. The entry-level version is a normally aspirated entry-level 59kw (80PS) unit which produces an impressively low 115 g/km of CO2. But even this is overshadowed by the second version. This is a direct injection gasoline motor with a supercharger to boost performance to 72kw (98PS). CO2 emissions, meanwhile, tumble to just 95 g/km. Such is the efficiency of these new petrol engines that new Nissan Micra will not be provided with a diesel feature. The supercharged version will be presented in Europe from spring 2011. Such low CO2 figures are normally only achieved by diesel powered vehicles, which command a price tag luxury, so new Nissan Micra will deliver low emissions, but without the usual price tag penalty.

The model line-up is easy with just one 5-door body style, two motor features and two transmission choices - either a five-speed manual or a highly advanced compact Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).