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Latest model: Nissan NV200 2010
Nissan NV200 2010Developed from the outset as both a commercial and a passenger car, the Nissan NV200 brings new levels of room, convenience and practicality to the small van sphere, both in Europe and other global markets.

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Nissan NV200 will be available in three various versions: a van with the largest load room in its class and two seven bench variants - the functional Combi version for loads and passengers, and the more plush passenger vehicle version, which makes its debut at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.

The Nissan LCV enterprise is in a phase of expansion even in these challenging financial circumstances, explained Andy Palmer, Senior Vice President, Global Offering Planning, Nissan Motor Co. , Ltd. We objective to expand our enterprise with smart new offers and services that meet the needs of our buyers, both in Europe and around the world.

He added: The Nissan NV200 is our proposal for a global small van. It provides impressive utility and smart comfort with low cost of ownership, packaged in a highly functional layout. With this car, Nissan aims to meet the needs of buyers looking for a functional, adaptable light van. We will release the Nissan NV200 in Japan before summer, in Europe in autumn 2009 and then in China and other markets.