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Latest model: Nissan Pixo 2009
Nissan Pixo 2009Against a backdrop of record oil prices, fears of a global recession and demand for ever lower greenhouse gas emissions, consumers are looking for an inexpensive and economical vehicle with a low CO2 output. They need exterior no further. The new Nissan Pixo, a four-seater producing 103 g/km of CO2, will provide genuinely environmentally-conscious motoring at an accessible price tag.

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With oil prices fluctuating in a volatile global sphere and governments worldwide agreeing to set ever lower targets for emissions from all sources, the arrival of the Nissan Pixo underlines Nissan's commitment to providing cheap, urban transport which is efficient in terms of consumption and emissions. Its arrival on the Nissan range complements the Micra and Note, giving the company a strong, diverse selection of compact, roomy and efficient vehicles which are well equipped for the reality of modern urban driving. And when it is launched in Europe, the Nissan Pixo will wear the newly announced Pure Drive badge, which will help car-buyers to identify the most efficient models in Nissan's range.

due to exceptional fuel efficiency and with CO2 emissions that are among the lowest in comparison with its rivals, Nissan Pixo makes a strong case for itself.

And when the price tag position is taken into account, this mix becomes very compelling. It will compete head-to-head with well-known small city-cars but at a price tag that will bring eco-friendly motoring to an even wider audience given its accessible price tag.