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Latest model: Nissan Skyline 2003
Nissan Skyline 2003The 11th generation (V35) Nissan Skyline, presented in June 2001, is based on Nissan's FM platform, which is shared with the 350Z. Sporting the ubiquitous (and esteemed) VQ35DE motor, the Nissan Skyline uses a front-midship motor, rear-wheel drive design (all-wheel drive is available for the sedan) to achieve a 52%/48% weight distribution. The V35 also marks the first generation of Nissan Skyline made for export to the US. There it is sold under the company's luxury make, Infiniti, as the Infiniti G35.

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The V35 marks a major turning point for the Nissan Skyline. There is no straight 6, no turbo variant, and to date no GT-R variant. Nissan put a slightly more comprehensive VQ35DE in the 350Z, and although the Nissan Skyline & the 350Z share the same platform, the 350Z has add-on bracing, underbody aero parts, and weighs 100 kg less. Though it does have its following, many tuners have studiously ignored the V35 Nissan Skyline, the 2006 Tsukuba Super Lap Battle had not a single V35 entrant.