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Latest model: Nissan Versa Sedan 2012
Nissan Versa Sedan 2012Small on the outside, large on the inside. Smart technology with next-generation efficiency. A $10990, starting M. and low cost of ownership. New dual injector system and sub-planetary CVT layout. Expected combined city/highway fuel efficiency of 33 miles per gallon. New global V (for Nissan Versatile) platform. Sophisticated look-and-feel, high class dashboard.

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There are myriad ways the all-new 2012 Nissan Versa Sedan breaks new ground for entry-level compact sedans. And many ways to sum them all up. But perhaps a easy statement is best: Innovation Within Reach.

Compact vehicles are getting a lot of attention lately thanks to rising fuel costs and concerns about the environment. Yet many consumers are disappointed in what they find - cars rife with compromise, says Al Castignetti, vice president and basic manager, Nissan Division, Nissan North America, Inc. This new Nissan Versa Sedan, a 'clean sheet' ground-up layout, takes small vehicles in a whole new direction - proving that you don't have to sacrifice style for affordability, dashboard roominess for a smaller footprint, or drivability for high mpg.

Knowing that entry-level cars are used as workhorses - for commuting on weekdays, errand running on weekends and transporting family and friends all week long - the developers of the new Nissan Versa Sedan sought to combine five-passenger practicality with a high degree of convenience and refinement. It also provides an unexpected level of available entertainment and connectivity features, such as Bluetooth, navigator with 5-inch touch-screen screen, Satellite Radio and an iPod/usb slot.