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Latest model: Opel GT 2007
Opel GT 2007The modern definition of an athletic two-seater finds its form in the new Opel GT. As a classic roadster, it has a comprehensive front-mounted motor, rear-wheel drive, a cockpit with sporty instruments and a tailor-made material roof. With a wide stance, sleek silhouette, long, front-hinged hood and short overhangs, the proportions are typical of this class. The Opel GT also brings new charm to this genre with its own unmistakable personality due to its impressive shape, which contrasts sharp edges with curved surfaces to create a dynamic exterior, and its customization, which allows a refined driving experience, even on long journeys. The Opel Gt's pricing is also appealing. For 30675, euros (recommended retail price tag in Germany incl. VAT), buyers get no less than 264 hp from the innovative turbo motor with gasoline direct injection. Acceleration from zero to 100 km/h takes less than six seconds. The new two-seater carries its legendary name because it continues the tradition of the first Opel GT (1968 - 1973) and, like the original, competes in one of the most impressive car classes.

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The new Opel GT also showcases the brand's passion for dynamic vehicles, and the conviction that Opel was never as young as today. This is underlined by niche models with a high fun factor, such as the Astra Opel GTC with panorama windshield, the Tigra Twintop and Astra Twintop cabrio-coup├ęs, as well as the high-performance OPC family. They enrich the model portfolio and emotionalize the make.

The development of the Opel GT is a prime example of transcontinental collaboration within GM. It stems from the decision to expand the concern's portfolio with a compact, rear-wheel drive, sporty car architecture that can be implemented globally. The first step towards realizing this idea was the Solstice concept vehicle in 2002, followed a year later by the Vauxhall VX Lightning concept, which was conceived at the GM Advanced Layout Studio in Coventry, England. Strongly inspired by the VX, the Opel GT has been adapted to the current Opel layout language at the GM Layout Studio in Detroit and the GM Europe Layout Studios in R├╝sselsheim under the direction of Bryan Nesbitt. The Opel roadster will be built at the Wilmington/delaware plant in the USA, where its highly successful American GM sister models, the Pontiac Solstice and the Saturn Sky, are also manufactured.

The new Opel Gt's story is reminiscent of that of its classic predecessor. In 1968, the original Opel GT set an auto manufacturing precedent in Europe when it became the first vehicle to go into production after being arrived to the public as a concept study. The legendary American sports vehicle, the Corvette, made the same start in 1953 in the USA. The new Opel GT shares some engineering characteristics with the current Corvette, such as part of the architecture.