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Latest model: Peugeot 107 2009
Peugeot 107 2009Peugeot 107 love for the city dates rear to the Spring of 2005, though it is more than happy to take the motorway out of town. With more than 322000, units manufactured (to the end of September 2008) and owners among the best ambassadors of its numerous qualities, the Peugeot 107 offers an efficient and clever response to the needs of urban mobility and does so with a smile on its face.

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Its fun-and-youthful look, multiple body colors and cute-shaped headlamps light up the road as well as the lives of its buyers. For these buyers, style counts for much in their choice of vehicle and still remains a strong decisive factor.

Its handling and low running costs, hight-priority and distinctive criteria of choice in its segment, together with its stylish look and cheap price, result in a user satisfaction level way above the sphere average.

Like most cars in this category it is acquired as a second or third vehicle in the family, the Peugeot 107 stands out from the competition particularly by the prevalence of owners who are females in its buyer base (69%, a quarter of them under the age of 35), a higher proportion of single people living with their parents and a lower proportion of retired people.