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Latest model: Peugeot 508 2011
Peugeot 508 2011Class, purity, efficiency. the Peugeot 508 embodies the Marque's new expression in the segment of grand touring vehicles.

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The Peugeot 508 features strong layout and emotion with:its new-generation E-hdi and Hybrid4 technologies;its streamlined, prestigious and dynamic appearance;its perceived class and dashboard comfort;its original driveability, based on the Marque's longstanding expertise.

With the Peugeot 508, Peugeot continues its international offensive: It will be manufactured in France for the European sphere, then in China for the world's largest developing vehicle sphere.

Available in two body styles, Saloon and SW, the Peugeot 508 will be marketed in Europe from the beginning of 2011.