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Latest model: Peugeot 908HY 2008
Peugeot 908HY 2008Peugeot Sport profited from the final round of the 2008 Le Mans Series at Silverstone to unveil a Peugeot 908 Hdi FAP equipped with a hybrid performance plant, featuring a kinetic energy recovery system. The Peugeot 908HY was introduced in a new, specific silver-grey livery and will offer a foretaste of what Peugeot's next endurance racing challenger could resemble, although its use will depend on the regulations that will govern LMP 1 vehicles from 2009.

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The Peugeot 908hy's technology allows a proportion of the kinetic energy manufactured under braking to be either recovered or stored. In the case of a non-hybrid vehicle, this energy is lost and simply dissipated in the form of heat via the brakes. However, when harnessed, it allows the vehicle's efficiency to be enhanced in one of two Ways:enhanced performance with no increase in the amount of energy consumed, due to the mix of the stored mechanical energy and the energy manufactured by the internal combustion Enginereduced fuel consumption for the same level of performance, due to the availability of stored mechanical energy.

The system featured on this demonstrator comprises three key Elements:a 60 Kw gear-driven electric motor-generator which takes the place of the traditional starter Motorbatteries which permit recovered energy to be stored in 600 lithium-ion cells divided into 10 battery packs (six in the cockpit instead of the traditional battery and four on the left-hand side of the floor Pan)an electronic performance converter (located in the back part of the front left wing) which controls the flow of energy between the batteries and the motor-generator.

The Peugeot 908HY can be powered in one of three Ways:electric mode only (e. in the Pit-lane)internal combustion motor Onlya mix of the two.