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Latest model: Peugeot iOn 2011
Peugeot iOn 2011Anticipated, dreamed about, the first of a newgeneration of 100% electric full size vehicles is here. Peugeot is making it available not just for a few intrepid adventurers, but for a wide buyer base made up of private individuals, professionals and public services, all of whom are convinced and resolved to take together the first step towards a new type of mobility. The 100% electric Peugeot Ion, urban runabout, simple to operate, silent, secure, connected, convenient and simple to drive with a range of Peugeot Connect services, lets you get around town in a way that's various and sustainable.

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The environmental awareness expressed by governments, local authorities and citizens, combined with the development of new energy cargo technologies, today gives the electric car a new opportunity to put down roots in cities and their outlying areas.

Peugeot, the world leader in electric cars in terms of the number of Electric 106s it sold, takes a new step in emissions reductions by marketing the Peugeot Ion, the first new-generation 100% electric car.

The Peugeot Ion, developed as the perfect vehicle for the city and the suburbs, is targeted mainly at public services and businesses, but also at private individuals. This city run around features remarkable packaging with good dashboard room, unrivalled handling, rigorous security, and a high level of convenience improved by a generous traditional specification. Added to this are the pros inherent in electric technology, namely unprecedented silence, the absence of CO2 emissions and superb driveability.