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Latest model: Pontiac Aztek Rally 2004
Pontiac Aztek Rally 2004The Pontiac Aztek, presented late in the 2001 model year (launch alongside rivals the Hyundai Santa Fe and Toyota Highlander) and manufactured via the 2005 model year, was a mid-size crossover SUV manufactured by the Basic Motors marque Pontiac. The car is most noteworthy for its polarizing look look-and-feel which is a source of extensive ridicule from both the public and the press.

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Given the fact that the vast majority of Suvs were rarely taken off-pavement by their owners, much less driven under serious off-road conditions, a new type of car-based "crossover" SUV was marketed that was hoped would offer all the components that buyers actually wanted from their Suvs such as trunk carrying capacity, elevated seats height and the suggestion of an active outdoor lifestyle with less of the negative attributes typically associated with conventional Suvs such as poor gas mileage, uncomfortable ride, high step-in height, propensity to roll over, etc. The formula of a car-based "soft-road" SUV had proved marketable by the highly successful Lexus RX300 and Toyota Highlander and was thought to be a promising new sphere niche within the highly profitable and increasingly well-known SUV category.

First shown to the public in 1999, the Pontiac Aztek concept vehicle was fairly well received. It featured "xtreme" fantastic look-and-feel and promised maximum versatility in support of a young and active lifestyle for its tailored Generation 'X' shopper demographic.

The production edition of the Pontiac Aztek was launched with the tagline: "quite possibly the most versatile car on the planet. " in conjunction with Cbs's hit game show, Survivor in 2001.