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Latest model: Pontiac Grand Am GT Coupe 2005
Pontiac Grand Am GT Coupe 2005In 1999, the Pontiac Grand Am was refactored again and entered its fifth generation, with its only identical sibling being the Oldsmobile Alero. It has been reported that the very first 1999 Pontiac Grand Am rolled off the assembly line on June 15, 1998. However, it's more likely that this occurred even earlier, perhaps April or May, as 1999 Pontiac Grand Ams had been spotted on lots as early as late May 1998. The traditional motor remained the DOHC 2. 4 L I4 with the 3. 4 L V6 auxillary. The 2. 2 L Ecotec I4 replaced the 2. 4 L as the traditional motor in 2002. In 2003, the layout was further refined by removing the ribbed body cladding for a "cleaner" look.

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This generation of the Pontiac Grand Am was sold in five variants, the SE, SE1, SE2, GT, and GT1. Every variant added different features such as performance windows and locks, dual back exhausts, a back spoiler, a more comprehensive motor (3. 4 L V6) than the Ecotec, or alloy wheels. Security features as dual front airbags and anti-lock brakes were now traditional throughout the line, as well as traction control (ETS). However ABS and ETS (traction Control) were auxillary on the 2003-2005 Pontiac Grand Am SE, but traditional on SE1, SE2, GT and GT1 models. The Pontiac Grand Am enjoyed success as a compact vehicle filling a niche as a convenient, cheap, robust, yet sporty vehicle.

In the American sphere, when the Sunfire sedan was dropped for 2003, the Pontiac Grand Am sedan was the only compact sedan in Pontiac's lineup.

Despite its success, the Pontiac Grand Am finally came to an end. The last Pontiac Grand Am sedan rolled off the assembly line on December 10, 2004. The coupé will most likely be dropped at the end of 2006, with the entire Pontiac Grand Am line being replaced by the Pontiac G6, which is based on the GM Epsilon platform. It is interesting to note that the Pontiac Grand Am was Pontiac's best-selling vehicle before being replaced.