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Latest model: Porsche Panamera Diesel 2012
Porsche Panamera Diesel 2012From Berlin to Bologna on only one tank of fuel: With a range in excess of 1200, kilometres (~746 miles) the new Porsche Panamera Diesel is a good bet as a distinctly economical GT saloon. The long-range cruiser with an cool turn of speed features the sporty attributes of Porsche's Gran Turismo family with typical diesel characteristics such as exemplary fuel efficiency and oodles of pulling performance. In the workflow, the new 4-door vehicle offers yet another prime example of Porsche Intelligent Performance, reflected in every and each development.

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The motor characteristics of the new Porsche Panamera Diesel allow it to take sprints and climbs effortlessly in its stride. Typically for a diesel, 550 Newton metres of rated torque - 50 Nm more than for the Porsche Panamera S with V8 motor - are applied to the crankshaft between 1750, rpm and 2750, rpm. Twinned with the highly efficient eight-speed Tiptronic S, this performance development allows the Gran Turismo to achieve in-gear acceleration from 80 km/h to 120 km/h (~50 mph to 75 mph) in 4. 5 seconds, i.e..

Visually the Porsche Panamera Diesel resembles the Porsche Panamera with the V6 petrol motor, the look difference being the diesel lettering on the front doors and the tailpipe covers specially designed for the diesel. In terms of its driving dynamics and convenience, the new fourdoor car is a genuine Porsche Gran Turismo via and via. It features metal springs as traditional. Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) adaptive damper control and adaptive air suspension with add-on air volume are available as an feature. This makes for a very wide spread of suspension characteristics with further improve ments to ride convenience on the one hand and very sporty driving dynamics on the other.

The mix of such a high level of efficiency and performance cannot be achieved by luxury drive concepts alone. The Porsche Intelligent Performance principle is also apparent in the rigorous lightweight layout. i.e., axles, doors, bonnet, wings and back lid are made of aluminium to keep the car weight low. Designed from the outset as a four-seater car, in terms also of dashboard layout and the individual convenience of every and each occupant the Gran Turismo ploughs its own furrow. Notwithstanding its distinctive flat and stretched silhouette, 4. 97 metres in length and a mere 142 centimetres high, the Porsche Panamera Diesel sets the traditional in its class for a sense of room on all four seatings.