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Latest model: Renault Clio Campus 2009
Renault Clio Campus 2009Renault Clio Campus continues its European career with this month's release of the very latest version of the model. Since 2005, it has sat alongside new Renault Clio in the range and sold in 22 countries, winning over almost 400000, buyers in Europe alone. In 2008, Renault Clio Campus' leading markets were France (40%), Italy (12%), Algeria (8%), Germany (7%) and Spain (6%). Consumers are attracted by the values championed by the Renault make and seek a robust vehicle with low buy and running costs. They will continue to find these selfsame qualities in the latest-generation version which features even more appealing look-and-feel.

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In recent months, the European sphere has been influenced by two factors which have boosted sales of A/b-segment cars:the introduction of CO2 emissions-related tax incentivessupport, measures (trade-in for scrap schemes).

Renault Clio Campus features a new visual identity, with Renault's layout team building on the original layout which has proved so well-known with buyers to give it a more modern and more dynamic feel. The refactored front bumper and grille have been refactored. The trihedral panel behind the logo has been dropped and the bottom air intake has been modified to highlight the front end's personality. The juxtaposition of curves and horizontal lines adds a distinctly elegant note, while the foglamps are now incorporated in the bumper and crystal headlamp masks have been added. The decorative black B-pillar trimming gives a more harmonious, flowing parameter to the sweep of the side windows.

Renault Clio Campus is equipped with new flatblade-type windscreen-wipers, and the bigger look mirrors not only minimize blind spots but also comply with current back view legislation. Dynamique versions come with body-colour look door handles, look mirrors and back hatch trim, with 15-inch Alyum aluminium alloy wheels and metallic paint available as features.