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Latest model: Renault Koleos 2012
Renault Koleos 2012A renewed version of Renault Koleos is to be launched in late 2011. The chief changes concern the model's look look-and-feel and dashboard trim, plus appreciable CO2 and fuel consumption savings in the case of its diesel engines. The model reasserts its high-end status by building on the strengths that were widely acclaimed at the time of its release in 2008, namely its remarkable convenience, versatility and modularity, as well as the speed with which owners are able to familiarise themselves with their new vehicle.

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The front end of Renault Koleos has been updated with a view to reasserting its forceful character. The air-intakes positioned either side of the Renault logo on the previous version have made way for an elegant chrome grille, while the dynamism of the model has been reinforced by new, slimmer headlights. The more modern door mirrors now incorporate LED indicators.

The side view expresses the robustness associated with the world of 4x4 motoring due to cues such as high ground clearance, prominent wheel arches and new, modern, sporty wheels. The initial version's distinctive rear-end look-and-feel has been carried over, including the steeply-raked back window which suggests forward movement and offers the model with a particularly original stance. New Renault Koleos will also be available in a new dynamic body colour: Cayenne Orange.

Careful attention has been paid to the class and finish of the cab. A selection of new upholsteries and trims have improved the original vehicle's elegance and refinement, while the dash and instrument lighting have evolved, too, with the introduction of a modern, more stylish speedometer housing and screen.