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Latest model: Renault Laguna 2011
Renault Laguna 2011New Renault Laguna's more assertive front-end look-and-feel - which features 'eyelid' headlights with black masks as traditional, as well as add-on chrome trimming for the new pearlescent black grille - gives the model an unmistakably more dynamic stance. It immediately comes across as more nervous and playful, and points to the promise of even greater driving pleasure.

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Renault Laguna details:

The front end's more forceful and more assertive looks immediately set the tone. In keeping with the enjoyment promised by New Renault Laguna's performance credentials, the new front layout is both expressive and dynamic. The bumper incorporates a new pearlescent black grille, as well as more extensive use of chrome trimming.

Located partly in a relatively high-up position on the boot lid, the latter contribute to the car's dynamic overall stance and offer a distinctive back lighting signature.

The twin exhaust tailpipes seen on versions powered by the higher-end engines belie the presence of a thoroughbred powertrain under the bonnet, while the dual aerial has been incorporated in the back window to play a part in the fluidity of the lines.