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Latest model: Renault Sandero 2008
Renault Sandero 2008Renault Sandero marks a new step in the international development of the Renault group. While produced and marketed initially in Mercosur, Renault Sandero, like Logan, will ultimately be rolled out worldwide. In 2008, a Dacia version will be manufactured at the Pitesti plant in Romania for Europe and the Maghreb. In 2009, Renault Sandero will be built and sold in South Africa. Add-on markets are currently under review.

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A spacious and reliable car with dynamic, appealing look-and-feel, Renault Sandero will provide buyers the dashboard and look dimensions of a car from the top-end of the compact range for the price tag of a sub-compact model.

Renault Sandero was developed to meet the expectations of active, urban, family buyers, such as those in South America. Renault Technologies Americas (RTA), Renault's regional engineering center based in Brazil (with branches in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Chile), was involved right from the start to ensure that the vehicle fulfilled the needs of Mercosur buyers. RTA was also involved in putting Renault Sandero into initial production, and did so while respecting class, costs and deadlines. Some 50 RTA employees worked with the Renault Sandero development team at the Technocentre in Guyancourt right from the start of the project in 2005. They contributed their knowledge of the Curitiba production base and of regional suppliers, based principally in Brazil and Argentina. With a powerful regional supplier network, of which 20% are completely local suppliers, the local sourcing rate will be 88% from the start of production. Producing parts in Mercosur near the assembly site presents numerous pros. It cuts down on parts transport, and hence logistics costs, and reduces currency effects and customs duties.