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Latest model: Renault Scenic 2010
Renault Scenic 2010New Renault Scenic heralds a fresh approach to the compact MPV segment. due to its compact forms, taut lines, distinctive back lights and sporty front-end looks, which take their inspiration from those of Renault Mégane Coupé, Renault Scenic exudes a sense of sporty dynamism more readily associated with the world of saloon vehicles.

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Renault Scenic's look-and-feel features a blend of fluid and taut lines. Its dynamic appeal is underlined by its three-part grille which, like that of Renault Mégane Coupé, is based on a central air-intake incorporating a smart black crossbar, flanked by two scoops picked out by satin-finish chrome trim. The lines of these scoops carry over to the headlamps to give Renault Scenic's front end undeniable personality. The flame-effect line beneath the headlights continues in the form of the character line which sweeps rearward to further emphasize the styling's dynamic exterior, a feeling which is reinforced by the plunging roofline and steeply-raked back display. The two-part 'boomerang'-shaped back lights are alike to those of new Renault Grand Renault Scenic. However, instead of sweeping forward, they are turned inward towards the boot, a detail which is exclusive to Renault Scenic.

Renault Scenic exudes an unmistakable impression of robustness which is expressed by the curves of its front wings and its back flanks. Wide front and back tracks (1545mm, front; 1547mm, rear) ensure that Renault Scenic sits squarely on the road with its inherent stability. Its proportions, beltline and big door panels also convey a reassuring protective feel.

It also boasts luxury materials and body-panel fit-and-finish. The front and back bumpers discreetly incorporate the parking proximity sensors, while special attention has been paid to the inner door frames. The roof is brazed to the body sides using a laser welding technique which eliminates the need for roof trimming.