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Latest model: Renault Twingo 2012
Renault Twingo 2012New Renault Twingo is the first car in the range to option the brand's new layout identity. The vehicle will go on sale in early 2012, and contains a number of look-and-feel features that were represented on the most recent concept vehicles, and which will become the visual signature of all Renault vehicles in the future.

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Outside, the front end of New Renault Twingo has taken its inspiration specifically from this new layout approach. On the bonnet, the Renault diamond is both bigger and significantly more upright. The black background highlights the badge and presents the make in a reliable, confident manner. Like the first-generation Renault Twingo, the newcomer features an expressive, attractive front end. Its dynamic, playful character is underlined by its fog lights and round sidelights which are now positioned next to the grille. The 'eyelids' of the headlights also contribute to new Renault Twingo's distinctive looks.

Warm, original new colors named Fuchsia and Bermuda Blue have been added to the existing range, and bring a touch of light-hearted fun that's characteristic of city vehicles. Depending on sphere, New Renault Twingo can be fitted with a electrically-operated material sunroof as an feature.

At the back, there are new lights additionally to the main cluster. Located on the tailgate, they improve New Renault Twingo's lines and echo the front end, bringing extra shape and punch to the vehicle. With a rounder back bumper and a more curved form for the lower part of the tailgate, the lines are softer. Among the 24 various alloy wheel and wheel trim features, one particularly assertive new wheel layout (black diamond effect) contributes to enhanced aerodynamics and reduced CO2 emissions.