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Latest model: Rolls-Royce Ghost 2010
Rolls-Royce Ghost 2010Rolls-Royce Ghost is the most comprehensive vehicle that Rolls-Royce Motor Vehicles has ever manufactured. However, Rolls-Royce performance is provided in a very various manner to other vehicles. It arrives in an elegant, cosseting way that some have described as being developed to lower the pulse, not raise it.

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The principle of simplicity extends to the act of driving Rolls-Royce Ghost. The host of complex engineering software and technologies beneath the surface serve to make driving easier and more enjoyable, not to intrude or confuse.

Rolls-Royce Ghost is more driver-focused than any Rolls-Royce vehicle before it. The driver sits in a slightly elevated position behind the wheel, described as the authority position. This makes the view of the road much clearer. The fascia has been kept deliberately clear; it is roomy in layout and has an intuitive design. The controls are neatly sculpted, with the more hight-priority functions emphasised by accents of chrome. The soft light of the instrument panel glows via the familiar black-rimmed helm, which in turn employs a number of violin keys as well as an ergonomic roller-ball control.

The control centre screen is concealed behind a veneered panel until its services are named upon. All features such as satellite navigation, phone, communication and entertainment functions are displayed here and managed via a central rotary controller, flanked by quick-access buttons on the front centre control panel.