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Latest model: Scion iQ 2012
Scion iQ 2012Scion announced that its 2012 Scion Iq luxury micro-subcompact will begin arriving in dealers October 2011. The Scion Iq is only 10 feet long yet seats four people, making it the world's smallest four-seater.

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Scion prides itself on being an high-tech make with a lineup of iconic cars that set auto trends, explained Slot Hollis, vice president of Scion. The Scion Iq is the fourth car in the family, and it will define the luxury micro-subcompact segment as the choice for new urbanites who want clever transportation without a sacrifice in style or new features.

Meeting the needs of a new trendsetting generation of urban drivers, the Scion Iq succeeds at taking large ideas and concentrating them into a small suite. Made possible by intelligent and functional packaging, the Scion Iq is a small vehicle that provides the functionality and convenience that drivers expect from a vehicle twice its size.

Instead of sacrificing features or convenience to reduce its footprint, the Scion Iq relies on intelligent layout. Six engineering innovations are responsible for the Scion Iq's ability to be small in size, but big in capability. A compact front-mounted differential, high-mount steering rack with electronic power-steering, and a compact air-conditioning unit all amount to significant decreases in front-end length. additionally, the Scion Iq is equipped with a flat gas tank housed beneath the floor that reduces back overhang. Slim-back front seatings optimize back legroom, while the 3+1 offset seats arrangement enables one adult to sit behind the front passenger and a child or small suite behind the driver.