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Latest model: Seat Alhambra 2011
Seat Alhambra 2011The Seat Alhambra has the ideal MPV format. At 4. 85 metres, it is longer than its predecessor by 22 centimetres. Its width is up by nine centimetres to 1. 90 metres, making it a leader in this car segment. Height, on the other hand, has been slightly reduced - by one centimetre - to 1. 72 metres. The new proportions create a line that is powerfully sporty.

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Seat Head of Layout Luc Donckerwolke and his team faced the challenge of taking the MPV concept, with its voluminous room and cladding it in an emotional, engaging layout. The team fulfilled its task brilliantly. From the very first glance, the new Seat Alhambra is clearly a true Seat, with sporty and comprehensive lines. Calm, refined surfaces shape its modern and youthful look. The tight and precisely parallel shut lines convey its technical precision and impressive production class while fine, almost imperceptible returns beneath the edges add emphasis to the look lines. The proportions harmonize perfectly - bringing enormous tension to the layout with a minimum of lines.

The characteristic motif at the front of the Seat Alhambra is the Arrow Layout - a theme typical of the expressive Seat layout language. The trapezoidal radiator grille is framed with subtle chrome trim and bears a big Seat logo. Its finely contoured black bars emphasize the vertical. Together with the distinctive, V-shaped contours of the bonnet and the low headlamps, the grille forms Seat's trademark arrow.

The comprehensive bumper layout is dominated by big, three-dimensional air inlets with clearly defined edges. In the traditional version, fog lamps are located in the outer air intakes. Together with the halogen headlamps, they come with an add-on static cornering light function - illuminating junctions at speeds of up to 40 km/h.