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Latest model: Subaru Exiga 2009
Subaru Exiga 2009Based on the concept of a seven-seater with panoramic visibility for the touring experience, the Subaru Exiga has been designed to offer a secure and pleasant journey for all occupants. Capitalizing on its accumulated know-how from building wagons and crossover Suvs, Subaru has succeeded in creating open and convenient dashboard room for all the passengers to easily engage in conversation and share the experience of touring improved by exciting wide-angle views via the windows.

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The new model introduces Subaru's latest proposal for a new type of multi-passenger car, built on Subaru's strengths in car stability, low noise, and class ride - all realized by Subaru's Horizontally-opposed motor design and the Subaru Dynamic Chassis Control Concept (subaru DC3).

Despite a body size that's comfortable for maneuvering, the Subaru Exiga comfortably accommodates up to seven occupants, ensuring ample room and a pleasant ride for every passenger. Impressive utility and convenience have been added via the adoption of new designs for better visibility, ingress/egress, and trunk room.

A bright, open dashboard room has been created for passengers in any bench to enjoy the scenery outside. The vehicle's low noise level enables all passengers to easily converse.