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Latest model: Subaru Tribeca 2008
Subaru Tribeca 2008Fuji Heavy Industries Inc. (FHI), the manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, announced its plan to introduce the refactored Subaru B9 Subaru Tribeca, now called Subaru Tribeca, and to start sales in the U. this summer. FHI will unveil the new Subaru Tribeca (U. specifications) at the New York International Auto Show, which will be held from April 6 via 15.

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Advancing the concept of a progressive sports utility car (SUV), the new Subaru Tribeca features comprehensive new look-and-feel, enhanced performance, improved convenience and functionality. Its look layout stresses a more Suv-like look with a new front face layout. The revamped Subaru Tribeca is equipped with a newly developed 3. 6-liter boxer motor. Although larger and more comprehensive than the previous 3-liter motor, the new motor provides both enhanced performance and fuel economy in real world driving situations. Layout modifications in its cooling system have enabled the use of regular unleaded fuel, a change from luxury only—helping to lower consumer operating costs.

The look layout of the new Subaru Tribeca is streamlined and comprehensive, building upon the sporty and dynamic feel of its predecessor model. Dashboard designs express a sophisticated class exterior and sportiness.

The new Subaru Tribeca has been designed with the objective of balancing enhanced performance and environmental considerations.