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Latest model: Toyota 4Runner 2010
Toyota 4Runner 2010When the first Toyota 4runner sport utility car (SUV) was launched rear in 1984 it was a revolutionary new car based on the mechanics of the four-wheel-drive Toyota pickup truck. The Toyota 4runner combined the versatility and go-anywhere ability of four-wheel-drive with the convenience and utility found in passenger vehicles.

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Twenty-five years, four generations and more than 1. 5 million sales later, the Toyota 4runner continues to evolve while remaining close to its roots. The all-new fifth-generation Toyota 4runner is even more rugged and athletic, and packed with more performance and better mileage. A completely refactored dashboard and original trunk space make the newest Toyota 4runner smarter, more convenient, and more versatile than ever.

Backed by a quarter-century of heritage combined with the integration of the latest convenience, comfort and performance technologies, the all-new fifth-generation Toyota 4runner has evolved into one of the most advanced mid-sized truck-based Suv's on the sphere while at the same time staying true to its roots as a rugged and durable off-roader, explained Bob Carter, group vice president and basic manager of Toyota Division.

More rugged than the Toyota Highlander and more versatile than the FJ Cruiser, the Toyota 4runner features the toughness and durability of body-on-frame construction with multi-use layout that excels at a wide variety of tasks.