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Latest model: Toyota Land Cruiser 2010
Toyota Land Cruiser 2010The Toyota Land Cruiser enjoys a special status in the global sphere as a car that has proved its tough, lasting and robust qualities in the most extreme environments. This pedigree has offered the platform for the development of an all-new Toyota Land Cruiser that goes further than ever before to deliver a balance of go-anywhere performance with the poise, convenience and refinement motorists want in normal day-to-day driving.

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Makoto Arimoto, new Toyota Land Cruiser's Chief Engineer explains: Generally speaking, it's considered difficult to achieve both good off-road and on-road performance in the same car. But with the new Toyota Land Cruiser, rather than making a half-hearted attempt at product 50:50 ratio between on and off-road features, we put no less than 100 per cent into developing both. We believe we have succeeded in refining and improving both of these seemingly conflicting qualities.

The success of new Toyota Land Cruiser is built on three core offering Values:quality, durability and reliability, building on Toyota Land Cruiser's long and distinguished history and reputation for lasting performance. Unrivalled balance of on and off-road driving performance, supported by advanced suspension and driver aid technologies. Refined and versatile dashboard, product a functional but premium and convenient on-board environment.

New Toyota Land Cruiser benefits from a higher level of advanced but user friendly handling and guidance features that help the driver tackle the most challenging routes. At the same time new suspension technology and on-board monitors make Toyota Land Cruiser more convenient and easier to manoeuvre via everyday urban traffic, too. Clever dashboard packaging offers highly customizable seats and luggage room arrangements, with generous room for up to seven on board. Most models enjoy a high specification of luxury features, including a surround audio luxury stereo system, triple-zone automatic climate control and a Dvd/gaming entertainment suite for back bench passengers, creating a welcoming environment inside the car whatever the driving conditions outside might be like.