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Latest model: Toyota MR2 2000
Toyota MR2 2000The Toyota MR2 is a no-compromise roadster developed to excite true sports vehicle enthusiasts. It is fun to drive, good to exterior at and cheap to own.

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Like all the best roadsters, the Toyota MR2 features conventional sports vehicle characteristics with modern engineering. Returning to concept basics, Toyota drew upon their roots for lightweight sports vehicles, the Sports 800, and the two previous generations of Toyota MR2 to create a new style sports vehicle for the 21st century.

Toyota MR2 is mid-engined, back wheel drive for precise handling. Toyota developers have used the very latest technology to cut weight and boost performance. But it is in the space of agility that the mid motor and lightweight layout really shines. The mid-engine layout, combined with an perfect 'wheelbase to overall length' ratio, makes this one of the most nimble of cars on the road. Quick and accurate driver response is the name of the game for the Toyota MR2 roadster.

The Toyota Mr2's 1. 8-litre motor has Vvt-i (variable Valve Timing - intelligent) for maximum midrange torque and superb top-end performance, with the best fuel consumption in its class.