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Latest model: Toyota Verso-S 2012
Toyota Verso-S 2012On sale from February 2011, the new Toyota Verso-s marks Toyota's re-entry into the B-MPV sphere, a segment the company itself created with the Yaris Toyota Verso in 1999.

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The B-MPV segment has almost tripled in size since 2002. Driven by downsizing, this growth incorporates an increasingly diverse cross-section of buyers, many of whom appreciate the dashboard flexibility and loadspace provided by a Multi-purpose Car.

Supporting this growth are families switching over from traditional B-segment hatchbacks and, more significantly, empty nesters and seniors downsizing from C-segment vehicles. For them, a B-MPV is not only a rational buy essential to making the most of leisure time, but must also provide the levels of room, convenience, equipment and class they have experienced in a higher segment car.

The smallest car in the segment, Toyota's new B-MPV is less than 4 metres long. This makes it simple to drive in the urban environment. Conversely, meticulous attention to detail in each parameter of its practical, customizable dashboard layout has maximised spaciousness, convenience and perceived class throughout.