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Latest model: Volkswagen Amarok 2011
Volkswagen Amarok 2011Volkswagen Amarok, with its highly advanced TDI engines - all boosted direct injection engines - will set new standards when it comes to fuel efficiency and emissions. The pickup's active and passive security systems and comfort features all match up to passenger vehicle levels. Yet the Volkswagen Amarok is extremely rugged.

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Many of the technologies implemented in the Volkswagen Amarok are being used for the first time in the mid-size pickup segment. They include Bi-turbo charging of the top motor and an auxillary permanent 4MOTION all-wheel drive with Torsen differential, one of three driveline features of the new model. In terms of its room, truck bed width and height, trunk loading features and payload capacity, the new Volkswagen Amarok is Best in Class.

The pickup from Volkswagen begins its international career as a Double Cabin with a 4-door body that provides cool room for five adults. The two-door Single Cabin version that permits a longer truck bed will follow in the first half of 2011. In both concept and style, the Volkswagen Amarok is clearly influenced by the new Volkswagen Layout DNA. This is reflected in its typical emphasis of horizontal lines, in the well-defined interplay of body surfaces and high precision of its workmanship. Specifically, one of its most prominent identifying features is the visual unit formed by the horizontal headlights and radiator grille and decorative trim accents. Extending rear from the vehicle's front face is a surface that develops over the fender contour to the side windows and encloses them in an arch. The cleanly sculpted curvatures of the pickup's side body panels and motor hood give the Volkswagen Amarok the typical rugged exterior of a pickup. At the back, the prominent Volkswagen logo catches the eye on the tailgate whose smooth surface still embodies a high level of excitement. It is framed by the pickup's taillights whose distinctive signature is their characteristic night layout. The high standards of the entire development team are expressed in details like these, details that showcase the Volkswagen Amarok as a genuine Volkswagen and set it apart from the competition with its top class and high-class layout.

On the powertrain side, Volkswagen Commercial Cars is introducing a sparkling technological achievement right at the Volkswagen Amarok's sphere launch: With 120 Kw / 163 PS in performance and 2. 0litre displacement, the TDI features common rail direct injection with two-stage control bi-turbo charging and generates a maximum torque of 400 Newton-meter at a low 1500, rpm. This superior performance contrasts with a remarkably low combined fuel consumption of just 7. 6 litres diesel per 100 kilometres (amarok 4x2).