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Latest model: Volkswagen Beetle 2012
Volkswagen Beetle 2012A exterior rear to the start: at the beginning Volkswagen built one of the most successful vehicles of all time and did not even give it a name. Why should it? After all, it was the Volkswagen! People loved it, and on all of the world's continents the small vehicle was nicknamed according to precisely what it looked like: Volkswagen Beetle, Käfer, Vocho, Coccinelle, Fusca, Maggiolino or 甲壳虫! It embodied the auto concept itself and symbolised the democratisation of mobility. 21. 5 million vehicles were sold. Then the New Volkswagen Beetle arrived in 1998. It presented a new auto feeling to the world and brought with it Volkswagen Beetle Mania. In 2010, the Final Edition completed the New Volkswagen Beetle series that had sold more than one million vehicles. And now? A exterior forward. The future of the most famous vehicle in the world begins now. In a completely new generation. It's The Volkswagen Beetle! And because Volkswagen and the Volkswagen Beetle call the globe their home, the new vehicle is celebrating a transcontinental world debut - simultaneously in Shanghai, Berlin and New York.

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Volkswagen Beetle is an icon. This vehicle tells a story. Only someone who knows its history could make a new generation of this Volkswagen a reality. The task ahead for the developers was very clear. They had to develop a innovative vehicle that was still cheap, did not leave any stone unturned, integrated the communication technologies of our times and of course achieved the lowest environmental impact. It also had to be a vehicle that places driving fun at the forefront. The new generation Volkswagen Beetle would have to be a very agile, dynamic performer, and the people who designed the Golf GTI would also be able to achieve this.

No previous Volkswagen Beetle was this economical. High performance no longer suffices by itself: At 4. 3 l/100 km (european 1. 6 TDI) and 33 mpg (american 2. 0TDI), the new Volkswagen Beetle is the most economical Volkswagen Beetle ever.

The most recognisable auto layout in the world. Coke bottle, Iphone, Ray Ban Aviator, Volkswagen Beetle - how does one reinvent a layout that is so recognisable and independent? There is a clear answer to this: It is necessary to understand the offering and the brand; then it works! Volkswagen Layout Chief Walter de Silva (group) and Klaus Bischoff (volkswagen Brand) understand both and therefore they set this as the aim for the Volkswagen Beetle: Layout a new original!.