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Latest model: Volkswagen Touareg 2011
Volkswagen Touareg 2011Volkswagen has represented the completely redeveloped Volkswagen Touareg as a world premiere at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. It is the most technically high-tech Volkswagen since the make has been in existence. This Volkswagen Touareg is reinterpreting the fascinating multipurpose SUV idea in a contemporary way - due to a range of engines that are nearly 20 percent more economical and a big variety of new assistance and security systems. The Volkswagen Touareg will also be the first and only off-roader in Europe by a German vehicle manufacturer to be available in a hybrid version too. It sets standards among fully off-road capable Suvs with petrol engines that have a fuel consumption value of just 8. 2 litres fuel per 100 kilometres. The Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid can be driven up to 50 km/h in purely electric mode - emissions-free. Among the diesel engines, the Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI with 7. 4 litre combined fuel consumption now posts the best value in the segment of genuine Suvs. Both versions, the Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid and V6 TDI, are the most economical petrol and diesel Suvs ever built in Europe in this big car class.

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As has already been accomplished on the globally successful, smaller Tiguan, Volkswagen is systematically striving for sustainability on the new Volkswagen Touareg too. The first precondition was met: The SUV was lightened by 208 kilograms in the base version! A quantum leap. Yet, the body has five percent greater torsional rigidity, which makes it the leader in its competitive class. A second precondition was met as well: Developers attained a significantly enhanced Cd value. Along with aerodynamic refinement efforts, another factor at work here is that this Volkswagen Touareg is built lower to the ground than the previous model. Together with front end look-and-feel based on the new Volkswagen layout DNA, this results in a smaller frontal space. The third precondition: All engines, now provided with a traditional 8-speed automatic transmission - a first in this sphere segment - demonstrate significant fuel efficiency pros over the previous model; in some cases the advantage is far greater than two litres per 100 kilometres.

Also modified in pursuit of reduced fuel consumption was the traditional all-wheel drive. In the base version (4motion), all new generation Volkswagen Touaregs have all-wheel drive with Torsen limited-slip differential (4MOTION; climbing ability: 31 degrees). Like the Tiguan Track & Field, the Volkswagen Touareg also has an Off-road driving programme, which - at the press of a control - tunes the ABS, EDS and ASR for off-road duty, activates Hill Descent Assist and adjusts the automatic gearshift points.

Instead of a Torsen differential, the V6 TDI can be ordered with an auxillary Terrain Tech Packet that has an even more rugged transfer case developed for off-road duty. It contains reduction gearing and centre and back differentials, every with up to 100 percent locking (4XMOTION; climbing ability: 45 degrees). Alike to the first generation Volkswagen Touareg, this version also has a rotary switch the driver now uses to adapt the vehicle to specific duty conditions over five levels: 1. On-road; 2. Off-road (like Off-road driving programme plus automatic control of the mechanical locks); 3. Low (like Off-road plus activation of reduced gearing, higher shift points, no automatic upshift in manual mode); 4. Addition of centre differential lock; 5. Addition of back differential lock. Equipped like this, the Volkswagen Touareg can conquer any terrain on Earth.