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Latest model: Volkswagen Touran 2011
Volkswagen Touran 2011The Volkswagen Touran is the most successful German compact MPV and the consummate family car. Exactly 1. 13 million units of the Volkswagen Touran have been sold to date. In Germany, it currently holds a sphere share of nearly 50 percent in its segment and across Europe, the Volkswagen ranks among the top five in its class. At the Auto Mobil International in Leipzig (10 to 18 April), Volkswagen is now presenting a generation of the bestseller that has been refactored in many areas. The exterior of the Volkswagen Touran now follows the revised Volkswagen layout DNA. From a technical viewpoint, its progressive systems break via class boundaries, as in the case of the continuous main beam headlights (dynamic Light Assist) being presented on an MPV for the first time, and the new Park Assist 2. 0for nearly automatic parallel and diagonal parking. A full range of six new petrol and diesel engines point the way to fuel efficiency and emissions values which were previously inconceivable on an MPV. Setting the pace in sustainability is the Volkswagen Touran TDI Bluemotion Technology (77 Kw / 105 PS): The Volkswagen Touran sets a new best value for a seven-seater MPV with combined fuel consumption of 4. 6 l/100 km (equivalent to 121 g/km CO2).

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Also new aboard the Volkswagen Touran is the high-tech entry-level petrol motor, the 1. 2-litre TSI. It is a turbocharged direct-injection motor with 105 PS. In the style of a turbodiesel, it develops a strong 175 Newton-metres of torque from just above idle speed, yet it consumes only 6. 4 l/100 km fuel in combined mode (equivalent to 149 g/km CO2). As an alternative, this variant is also available with Bluemotion Technology - together with the Start/stop system and battery regeneration. In this case, values for combined fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced to 5. 9 l/100 km and 139 g/km, respectively.

All eight engines (power range from 66 Kw / 90 PS to 125 Kw / 170 PS) are highly efficient. Without exception, they are turbocharged direct-injection engines, which follow the Volkswagen downsizing principle. And this means: less motor displacement, lower emissions, lower fuel consumption yet significantly more torque! Naturally, all new Volkswagen Tourans fulfil the requirements of the Euro-5 emissions traditional.

The range of features on the multi-purpose car - equipped with up to 39 cargo features - was reconfigured as well. The base model is now the Volkswagen Touran Trendline (previously Conceptline). Fuel consumption of the traditional 1. 2-litre TSI is frugal. Yet, the base model's traditional features are anything but frugal; they include climate control, Radio/cd system with MP3 function, electric windows in all four doors, elegant decorative inserts in Brushed Chrome and daytime running lights.