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Latest model: Volvo V40 2004
Volvo V40 2004The Volvo S40, Volvo V40 and V50 are compact near-luxury vehicles / small family vehicles manufactured by Volvo Vehicles. There have been two generations, the first launched in 1995 and the second one in 2004.

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The 1995 S40 sedan and Volvo V40 wagon were built in the Netherlands at the Nedcar factory, a Pre-ford joint venture between Volvo and Mitsubishi Motors. It was based on common platform with Mitsubishi Carisma but did not sell as well. Despite the shared platform, they were not the same vehicle. Of the 5000, parts on the vehicles, 4000, were original to every. Of the remainder, 650 were manufactured by Volvo and 350 by Mitsubishi. Volvo's conventional emphasis for security and ergonomics were thus easily identifiable in these models too.

In 2000 the 40 Series went via a facelift, and a number of technical enhancments were simultaneosly presented, such as increasing the size of brake discs, upgrading some suspension elements and slight widening of the track width. These new specification 40 Series Volvos are often referred to as "phase Ii" models.

The 40 Series vehicles were equipped with a 1. 9 L diesel or 1. 6 L, 1. 8 L or 2. 0L fuel-injected gasoline engines, not forgetting the sporty low (2. 0T) and high (T4) pressure turbo variants on top of the motor range. The 1. 9T was the only motor available in the US.