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Latest model: Volvo V70 2008
Volvo V70 2008Backed by 54 years of ongoing refinement and improvement, Volvo Vehicles is still the global leader in the segment for big estate vehicles.

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Now the all-new Volvo V70 is making its entry onto the sphere with an high-tech mix of luxury and versatility.

This segment has been our specialty ever since we invented it rear in the 1950s. Our rivals can count on us remaining number one in the future too. In the all-new Volvo V70, back passengers and luggage both ride in first class, says Volvo Vehicles President and CEO Fredrik Arp.

The segment for estate vehicles is growing and the demands on the vehicles themselves are increasing as more and more sedan owners appreciate the added versatility that this roomier vehicle type provides - without having to compromise on layout, convenience or driving dynamics.