Fiat Doblo vs Renault Kangoo

Fiat Doblo

Renault Kangoo

Meet the Fiat Doblò, the new Fiat that is all about room. A room to be shared with family and friends, a liveable room for travelling and socialising, for whoever chooses the Fiat Doblò as a partner for leisure or work.

It was developed with practicality and convenience in mind to make the best of room on board and accommodate up to seven occupants. An authentic family room car that can rely on top-class security, cost-effective running and environment-friendliness.

Compared to the previous version, of which about one million units were sold in all its variants, the new Fiat Doblò has been revamped throughout with a new style, new engines and new technical features. These aspects make the new Fiat Doblò the best-in-class in terms of capaciousness and emission reduction. These results were achieved by a new platform, more space for passengers (with a wheelbase of 2755 mm, it is the longest in its segment), a spacious 790 litre boot (3200 litres with the seatings folded down), lower CO2 emissions (129 g/km with the 1. 3 Multijet 90 HP motor, the lowest in its category), an high-tech Bi-link suspension design for extra convenience, traditional security equipment and highly modular dashboards with folding, reclining seatings.

Created by Centro Stile Fiat, the high-tech layout of the new Fiat Doblò features original forms and big dimensions in a very balanced manner to confer the impression of a reliable, solid vehicle: 439 cm long, 183 cm wide and 184 cm high (189 cm with roof bars), it has a 276 cm wheelbase (best-in-class in its category).
On its release in 1997 Renault Kangoo's affable, expressive style revolutionised the leisure utility car sector. Spacious and versatile Renault Kangoo has been a success, selling over 2200000, units since it was launched.

New Renault Kangoo matches family expectations more closely. It draws on Renault Kangoo fundamentals, turning them into an optimised blend of class, convenience, and practicality. At 4213mm, in length, New Renault Kangoo's resolutely contemporary, affable, cheery lines exert a strong appeal. Its short, chunky front end frees up room for the bright, airy passenger cab, which is further improved by its steeply-raked Mpv-style windscreen. Some versions have pop-open windows, and other others electric ones. All have big doors which open onto a comprehensively reworked dashboard.

For enhanced ride pleasure, a number of features have been updated. With its impressive roominess, New Renault Kangoo has put the onus on room and the shared ride experience. It is 180mm longer than its predecessor and that extra length has been lavished on the cab, where more volume gives the five occupants more space and more comfort! Resolutely contemporary and featuring a more ergonomic layout, the dash resembles an Mpv's, while the cab has been refitted and finished with class materials. New Renault Kangoo boasts standards of thermal and acoustic convenience worthy of an MPV. Some versions option automatic conditioning. Air is evenly distributed at both front and back due to the layout of the circuit, which has outlets at every passenger's feet. To ensure acoustic convenience, developers have used the same techniques as for the rest of the range.