Scion xD vs Ford Fiesta

Scion xD

Ford Fiesta

Scion, from Toyota Motor Sales, U. , Inc. , revealed the all-new 2008 Scion Xd 5-door subcompact at a press conference at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show.

The Scion Xd is a clever new take on the 5-door urban subcompact, with style and flair to match its efficiency and utility, explained Mark Templin, Scion vice president. The Scion Xd's aggressive look-and-feel is wrapped in a small, agile suite, while its dashboard provides cool details and a roomy cab.

The Scion Xd's fantastic look characterizes it as a Scion with its easy surfaces and sharp lines that flow from front to back. Its urban personality is communicated by its wide stance, thick muscular body, accentuated wheel flares and big tires. Other look-and-feel cues that set the Scion Xd apart include a long and narrow rear window, and the Scion family traits—horizontal headlamps, an integrated rectangular lower and upper grille, and turn signals built into the side mirrors.

Developers developed the Scion Xd with a short, wide frame in mind for better handling and convenience. additionally, the Scion Xd features an L-arm type Macpherson strut in the front and torsion beam suspension in the back for increased stability and a pleasing ride.
Ford's hot-selling new Ford Fiesta will deliver more than just great looks and top fuel efficiency of any car in its segment when it goes on sale in North America in 2010. The 2011 Ford Fiesta - available in four- and 5-door body styles - also will set a new small vehicle benchmark for security, connectivity and powertrain technology.

In fact, Ford Fiesta will provide North American consumers a stylish new choice of 15 class-exclusive technologies and projected highway fuel efficiency of 40 mpg, besting the Honda Fit, Nissan Versa and Toyota Yaris and Corolla.

Buyers are savvy. They want expressive vehicles that deliver not just great fuel efficiency but also high class, new technologies and a fun driving experience, explained Mark Fields, Ford president of The Americas. We plan to answer the call with Ford Fiesta; an all-new car in North America we hope will set a new traditional for small vehicles.

Ford Fiesta is the next milestone under the ONE Ford plan to layout and develop cars that meet the differing needs, wants and expectations of buyers around the world. More than 500000, Ford Fiestas have already sold to buyers in Europe and Asia.