Seat Alhambra vs Volkswagen Sharan

Seat Alhambra

Volkswagen Sharan

The Seat Alhambra has the ideal MPV format. At 4. 85 metres, it is longer than its predecessor by 22 centimetres. Its width is up by nine centimetres to 1. 90 metres, making it a leader in this car segment. Height, on the other hand, has been slightly reduced - by one centimetre - to 1. 72 metres. The new proportions create a line that is powerfully sporty.

Seat Head of Layout Luc Donckerwolke and his team faced the challenge of taking the MPV concept, with its voluminous room and cladding it in an emotional, engaging layout. The team fulfilled its task brilliantly. From the very first glance, the new Seat Alhambra is clearly a true Seat, with sporty and comprehensive lines. Calm, refined surfaces shape its modern and youthful look. The tight and precisely parallel shut lines convey its technical precision and impressive production class while fine, almost imperceptible returns beneath the edges add emphasis to the look lines. The proportions harmonize perfectly - bringing enormous tension to the layout with a minimum of lines.

The characteristic motif at the front of the Seat Alhambra is the Arrow Layout - a theme typical of the expressive Seat layout language. The trapezoidal radiator grille is framed with subtle chrome trim and bears a big Seat logo. Its finely contoured black bars emphasize the vertical. Together with the distinctive, V-shaped contours of the bonnet and the low headlamps, the grille forms Seat's trademark arrow.

The comprehensive bumper layout is dominated by big, three-dimensional air inlets with clearly defined edges. In the traditional version, fog lamps are located in the outer air intakes. Together with the halogen headlamps, they come with an add-on static cornering light function - illuminating junctions at speeds of up to 40 km/h.
With over 600000, units sold, Volkswagen Sharan is the favourite car of countless families all over Europe. Coming now, after a world premiere at the 2010 Geneva International Motor Show, is a completely new generation of this best seller. Equipped for the first time with sliding doors in the rear, the new Volkswagen Sharan has been improved in each space. There are only two parts that the new and the old Volkswagen Sharan have in common: the sun visors. That's it! Everything else - each screw, each look and dashboard part and all of the technology, including the TDI and TSI engines (103kw / 140PS to 147kw / 200PS) and transmission systems (DSG optional) - is new. Volkswagen Sharan 3. 0, as it were, product world-record performance in fuel economy: at 5. 5 litres per 100km (514, mpg), the 140PS Volkswagen Sharan 2. 0TDI achieves lower fuel consumption than any other MPV in this class.

The hallmark of the new Volkswagen Sharan is a full layout concept that contains the extremely customizable Easyfold seats system (up to seven easily adjustable seats), high-end class, uncompromising security (seven airbags, Light Assist automatic main beam control, bi-xenon headlights with LED daytime running and position light) and numerous clever details. Also new to this generation of Volkswagen Sharan are adaptive chassis control (DCC) and a level regulating system. This convenient multi-purpose car in the upper B segment of the sphere has been intended to families with two or more children and high-mileage enterprise users with a need for extra room.

The new Volkswagen Sharan's drive and handling matches the levels of convenience and dynamic response offered by the impressive Passat. Added comfort and security is offered by an electronic handbrake and the second-generation parking manoeuvre assistant. This means automatic steering for parking in even smaller spaces, including on pavements, between trees and even on corners, plus now, for the first time on an MPV, for parking at an angle to the traffic. Cutting edge entertainment systems, a tremendous, electrically operated panoramic sliding roof (with a 300% bigger opening than with a traditional sliding roof) and a comprehensive 3-zone conditioning system guarantee great travelling conditions at any time of the year. Available in Trendline, Comfortline and Highline versions, even the base model of the Volkswagen Sharan is supplied with features such as semi-automatic air-conditioning ('climatic') and Radio/cd system ('RCD 210'). As the only car of its class to provide this, the third generation of this MPV will again be available with four-wheel drive (volkswagen Sharan 2. 0TDI 4motion with 140PS). In the first markets where it is available orders for the new Volkswagen can be placed from as early as the end of March, with the full release beginning in the summer of 2010.

The Volkswagen Sharan's four direct injection turbo petrol (TSI) and turbo diesel (TDI) engines are up to 21 percent more fuel-efficient! The two TSI engines deliver 110kw / 150PS and 147kw / 200PS, while the Tdis develop 103kw / 140PS and 125kw / 170PS. With performance outputs of up to 170PS the engines use a start-stop system and energy recuperation (recovery of kinetic energy, which gets temporarily stored in the battery). With average consumption of 5. 5 litres per 100km (51. 4 mpg, 145g/km of CO), the 140PS version of the Volkswagen Sharan 2. 0TDI - top speed 194 km/h (119 mph) - sets a new benchmark for fuel economy in this segment of the market! The theoretical driving range is correspondingly impressive: 1273, kilometres (805 miles) from its 70 litre fuel tank. Both Tdis are also fitted with an SCR catalytic converter (SCR = selective catalytic reduction), which specifically eliminates oxides of nitrogen (nox) and makes the Volkswagen Sharan, even as a turbo diesel, one of the cleanest Mpvs in the world.