Seat Ibiza FR vs Citroen DS3

Seat Ibiza FR

Citroen DS3

The Seat Ibiza FR introduces several novelties compared with the previous model, which all combine to offer a more intense driving experience. First of all, the brand's new vehicle is equipped with the efficient 150 hp twin charger 1. 4 TSI motor. due to its latest generation technology, this motor offers greater elasticity, brilliant performance and lower fuel consumption figures and emissions levels, and fully complies with EU-5 legislation on the subject.

The Seat Ibiza Fr's comprehensive motor is mated to a seven-speed DSG gearbox with helm shift paddles. As on the Seat Ibiza Cupra version, the gearbox has been designed with sportier software than on the 1. 6 model of the Ibiza range.

Furthermore, the addition of the XDS system offers greater driving convenience and security. This electronic system operates together with ESP and functions as a self-blocking mechanism. It enhances the car's performance when traction is lost by braking the wheel that loses grip.

The new layout of the Seat Ibiza FR highlights its sporty looks on the inside as well as on the look, with new bumpers that lend a more aggressive look, featuring front honeycomb slats and a chrome surround on the central grille in mix with the Arrow Layout concept. Other tell-tale look components on the FR are silver coloured door mirrors, specific 17 inch rims or the twin tailpipe to one side.
Citroen has announced the new Citroen DS3 will be represented at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009. The Citroen DS3 will be the first model from Citroen's make new DS line, a offering range consisting of three distinctively styled, attention-grabbing models that highlight the very best of Citroen's 'créative technologie.

With razor sharp look-and-feel and a visually-arresting layout, Citroen DS3 is a radical take on the compact urban car and a contemporary breath of fresh air for the class.

Developed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding connoisseur, Citroen DS3 provides an extensive array of style, personalisation and class materials for a bespoke and refined driving experience, whilst at the same time embodying the very latest Citroen technology including economical, environmentally-considerate engines.

Citroen's creative talent for high-tech car layout manifests itself on each option of the Citroen DS3.